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Brentwood’s Municipal Code, General Plan, Zoning and Land Use

The proposed project goes against Brentwood’s Municipal Code, General Plan, Zoning and Land Use designations.

When homeowners purchase a house in Deer Ridge or Shadow Lakes, they can look to the codes and general plan to know what can be built next to them and in the community and they will see that Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes are very low density residential communities with open spaces/golf courses.

Likewise, when SunCoast purchased Deer Ridge Golf Club and Shadow Lakes Golf Club, they also knew the land use limitations. They knew that the golf courses would revert to open space, if the land was not operated as a golf course. They knew they could not build residential housing on the open spaces/golf courses.

Now they are trying to change the land use so they can make a big profit and take away the land use protection that Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes residents thought they had when they purchased their home.

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SunCoast’s strategy on website does not include golf

SunCoast, the owners of Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge golf courses, have detailed their acquisition and value creation strategy on their website here.

When acquiring new properties, they are looking for discounted properties that they can re-position.  They are developers. 

“SunCoast Properties focuses primarily on Office, Retail, and Industrial opportunities targeting exceptional net returns to investors.”

Of course, no one can fault SunCoast for seeking to maximize profits.  However, they should do so in a way that adheres to Brentwood’s General Plan and the very low density of our neighborhoods.

SunCoast has one other golf course besides Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge—San Juan Hills in San Juan Capistrano.  We detailed news articles following their attempt to rezone the property at San Juan Hills for senior housing here.

Nearby Golf Course Closures

The only source SunCoast has provided to support their claims is the National Golf Foundation.

After reviewing the market claims by SunCoast including the National Golf Foundation reports and details around recent closures, we are left with more questions than answers.

When we contrast the statements of SunCoast against the National Golf Foundation, a very different picture is drawn.


"The golf industry has essentially imploded." (Video)

National Golf Foundation

"The golf course industry continues to go through a period of natural correction, as expected, following a 20-year period of the most dramatic growth in the game’s history." (Article)

If the golf industry has "imploded" as SunCoast believes would it not negatively affect the proposed combined course? If the golf industry is not doing well, the combined course may not be built or if built, may not be able to stay in business. We may be left with huge apartment buildings and still no golf course.  The assessments do not guarantee that the golf course is maintained and in business.

What are successful courses doing to remain profitable in this competitive market?  What, specifically, has SunCoast tried to make the courses successful?

A SunCoast representative said the following about golf in our area:

"You can see it locally.  Delta View has closed. Courses in Marin, Vacaville, Pleasanton have closed.  It’s closing throughout California. It’s closing throughout the nation."   (Video)

The below is what we know about each course mentioned.

Delta View, Pittsburg

Delta View is in Pittsburg and the city is exploring it’s option and trying to keep it alive.

"The reasons for the closure are still unclear."


San Geronimo Golf Course, Marin

"After one of the partners became ill, however, the push to sell increased. Ms. Kim said contrary to rumor, the course has been profitable and only operated in the red during winter months."


Green Tee Golf Club, Vacaville

The residents of this community face the same issue we do where the owners are attempting to develop the golf course land.


Sunol Valley Golf Course, Sunol (Pleasanton area)

Sunol Valley Golf Course was a 50 year old, 36-hole course.

"To compete, Sunol needed to be redesigned and updated, but that would be a huge capital expense for a complex that has seen its rounds plummeted..."

"I think there is a middle ground that includes an assessment district for residents bordering the golf course with better management coming from the city or a private operator."

"One additional note: nobody wanted the 85 acres used even partially for housing."


Roddy Ranch, Antioch

Not surprisingly, Roddy Ranch wasn't mentioned in SunCoast's list of recently closed courses.

With the closure of Roddy Ranch, a golf course 2.3 miles from Shadow Lakes, on August 11, 2016,  there were more dedicated golfers seeking new golf memberships and less holes in our immediate area.

What did SunCoast do to capture those dedicated golfers?  At this time Shadow Lakes had "been operating on a limited schedule for the past few months".  It was a prime opportunity to re-open Shadow Lakes full time but that's not what happened.


It's also important to note that the closure of Roddy Ranch involved fraud, not too few players.


Shadow Lakes / Deer Ridge

Some rezone supporters often say that two courses cannot operate across from each other.

Here's an interesting quote by a SunCoast representative.

"They’re right across the road from each other, but they're very different. They look different, they play differently."
-Kevin Martin, SunCoast


SunCoast invited real estate agents to an informational meeting at the Shadow Lakes clubhouse on March 29, 2018.

An estimated 17 no rezone volunteers showed up to let real estate brokers and school traffic know that many residents are against the rezoning.

Many passing by cars, trucks, buses, and even a fire truck showed support by honking their horns.

The Press – Taking A Stand

Draft EIR Response

With the close of the comment period, we are ready to announce what our GoFundMe campaign has been funding.

We had a land use attorney prepare comments in response to the Draft EIR, which includes statements from three experts in the fields of biology, traffic, and air quality.

We kept expenses to a minimum, but we are still short of collecting enough to pay for the report. We expect the final bill to be in the range of $11,000. So, we are leaving this campaign open for more contributions, in the hope that more of our neighbors can help us reach the goal of fully paying for the response report.

We hope you will agree it is an excellent report and truly demonstrates the shortcomings of the EIR submitted by Kimley-Horn on behalf of their clients, Suncoast.


City Council 2018/04/10


Note:  The below is an interpretation of the public comments during the city council meeting.  These views are not necessarily the views of the no rezone committee.  If you believe anything is misrepresented here, please let us know.

One (1) resident spoke in favor of the rezone.  Reasons for the support  include the state of the golf industry, a belief that the project will bring increased home values, tax revenue and new jobs. Also, he repeated the unsubstantiated claim that only a small minority opposes and clarified that he was not paid by SunCoast to speak.

Ten (10) residents spoke against the rezone.  Reasons for the opposition include:

  • General Plan states “Maintain the character of existing neighborhoods by ensuring new development is compatible in style, size, color and footprint with the existing residence in the neighborhood.” The project conflicts with this.
  • golf courses buyers are not interested due to current conditions of the courses–the courses have to be made presentable for sale
  • investors typically cut losses by selling low and re-investing
  • traffic concerns, including existing traffic on roads
  • there are no guarantees
  • emergency facilities and response impacts for proposed facility and existing community
  • project will have five years of construction, noise, lighting and traffic
  • other areas are already planned for this type of project
  • adds extra cost to seniors (assessments)
  • lack of trust of SunCoast
    • destroyed course
    • planned to develop undervalued land to make money
    • they have used scare tactics
    • follow the money and only SunCoast benefits
    • they have NDAs in place and have compensated home owners for changing their stance on the rezone
  • other options need to be considered
  • project does not mention timing of elements of projects such as when the bridge would be done
  • lot premiums are affected and SunCoast has acknowledge as much

Some residents also highlighted what they are not against and those include

  • finding ways to increase tax revenue through business
  • helping the existing fire services

Other comments related to the proposed rezone include:

You have to live in Brentwood to be on the city council, but then council members are recused for living in certain neighborhoods.  This doesn’t make sense.

Opponents also respectfully asked what the city council needs to see to know that the opposition is not a minority.

The city manager indicated it would not make decision based on 12 citizens, however,

  • on a walking petition with over 100 people reached, only 2 were in support of the rezone
  • the online petition is at 2,718 and climbing
  • the no rezone action committee has 50 active volunteers
  • an estimated 300 people were at the EIR kick-off and most were vocal opponents of the plan
  • many speakers opposed at the EIR vote, plus 40 emails were sent
  • 61 individual contributors donated a total of $7,850 GoFundMe dollars

City Council 2018/03/27


Note:  The below is an interpretation of the public comments during the city council meeting.  These views are not necessarily the views of the no rezone committee.  If you believe anything is misrepresented here, please let us know.

Three (3) Residents spoke in favor of the rezone.  Reasons for the support  include a desire to keep golf in the communities, protect property values, add senior homes to the communities, and to prevent open space that will not be maintained.  There was also mention that there are too many golf courses in Brentwood and that golf is declining.

Fourteen (14) residents spoke against the rezone.  Reasons for the opposition include:

  • the plan doesn’t fit within the communities
  • a need to explore other options
  • the change proposed only benefits SunCoast
  • emergency response times and emergency evacuation concerns, especially due to the pipelines throughout the golf course
  • traffic concerns, especially around schools
  • protect property values
  • lack of trust of SunCoast
  • a need to adhere to the general plan
  • the communities are established and homeowners purchased with the belief the communities would not undergo significant construction
  • closed holes are open space maintained in a natural sense
  • closed holes remain as private property
  • EIR is poorly written
  • adverse impacts are far reaching
  • SunCoast’s strategy does not include golf
  • SunCoast is the one that needs to change, not the neighborhoods

Some residents also highlighted what they are not against and those include

  • good change
  • combining the course into one single profitable course

Opponents also requested action from the city.

Many stated that they are not available to attend city council meetings but feel that is their only forum to voice opposition.  One resident also mentioned that many in the neighborhood are not comfortable speaking publicly at a city council meeting.

The requests were for community engagement in the form of “workshop meetings, public surveys, social media, etc.” as mentioned in a letter from the city’s Director of Community Development dated May 2017.

Another request for action of the city is to extend the review period since the local schools are on spring break and many families are not available during that time to review the EIR.  According to the municipal code, the maximum number of review days is 90, not 60 as originally thought.