No Rezone DR/SL Committee’s City Council Endorsement

The No Rezone DR/SL Committee hereby endorses Planning Commission Chair John Fink for the office of Brentwood City Council Member, and we urge all Brentwood voters to give him your vote on November 6, 2018.

We know John, and we know where he stands. We know he stands with us. And we know he stands with Brentwood. We have spoken to John many times, in our group and individually. John is direct and forthright. John does not play coy, and he does not hide. When John speaks, he knows what he is talking about, because he has been in the middle of things in this city for many years, and because he has devoted his time to understanding how this city works. And yet, for all his experience and expertise, he also listens. When we talk to John, we know he hears us. And we know he cares about what we care about.

Like us, John cares about Brentwood, about the people living and working in Brentwood, now and in the coming years. Like us, probably more than most of us, John knows the opportunities and challenges that face Brentwood right now, at this critical time, as we fill in the last of our available spaces. He knows that we must be careful with our choices now. He knows that these choices will affect the quality of life now and for future generations to come.

We have all seen first hand that John will not flinch and will not back down, when a project comes to the city that is not consistent with our General Plan and the goals it sets to ensure our best future. On the evening of April 3, 2018, we saw Planning Commission Chair John Fink in action. On this night, with the Goodwill project before him, we saw John make sure every concerned neighbor had a full chance to be heard. We saw him lead the Planning Commission to the correct conclusion, that this project was not the right project for this location, and that it could not be done in a way consistent with the General Plan. This was a difficult and courageous position to take, but it was the right one, and was ultimately upheld on appeal to the City Council. That night, we saw a man willing to stand up for his city, a man not afraid to make the right call, and we saw the man we want sitting on the Brentwood City Council when our No Rezone issue, and so many others important to our future, come up for a vote.

The No Rezone DR/SL Committee cares about more than the future of our golf courses. We care about the future of our city. We know there are many difficult decisions ahead, and we want to make sure that we have leadership in our city that will listen to the citizens. We need leaders who will work hard find the best path forward to protect our quality of life, while providing the kind of growth we need to provide good local jobs for our citizens and dependable revenue for our city. If you agree with us, then we urge you to come out to cast your vote for John Fink for Brentwood City Council on November 6, 2018.