Order a T-shirt

Show the world you care about your neighborhood.  Proudly wear your No Rezone t-shirt whenever you shop locally, go to an event in town, attend City Council meetings, or just wherever you go.  To get a t-shirt, or as many t-shirts as you need, please fill out this handy contact form.  Our t-shirt coordinator will reach out to you to tell you how you can get your t-shirt and arrange for payment.  T-shirts cost $15.00, which covers the cost of the shirt, plus a small donation.  If you want to donate more, please give your additional contribution to our t-shirt coordinator when you purchase your t-shirt.  Please remember that our t-shirt coordinator is a volunteer with home, family, and work commitments, just like all of us.  So please allow some time for them to contact you after you place your request.  If you would like more than one shirt, you can add that to the Special Instructions.  Please note: Sizing is unisex, and the shirts may shrink in the wash.