Getting to know the City Council Candidates

The No Rezone Committee recently created a Brentwood City Council Candidate Questionnaire covering a variety of topics and sent it to each of the five candidates with a request to complete it by September 3rd.

Three candidates responded and, by responding, they have demonstrated that they care about citizen involvement and are willing to engage with concerned citizens who may come before them on the City Council.

Through their responses, they have shared with us where they currently stand on topics including the ULL, the DR/SL proposed rezone, Goodwill, and the ECCFPD.  With their permission, we share their responses with you.

In the order that they were received:

John D. Fink

Johnny Rodriguez

Olga Vidriales

We thank each of them for sharing their thoughts and for their willingness to go above and beyond for our city and it’s citizens.