I was not born with a silver spoon

The following letter was sent to City Clerk Margaret Wimberly for inclusion in the Public Comments:

Dear Margaret,

My name is (Name withheld by request), resident of Deer Ridge since 2014.
I am writing to you so you deliver my opposition to the rezoning of Deer Ridge and Shadows Lake to the Mayor and City Council of the City of Brentwood.

I would like the letter to be posted for the public comments section of the next City Council meeting to be held on July 11, 2017.

Here are the reasons for my opposition:
(1) The current proposal for rezoning goes way beyond the objective of making the Golf Course break even and then profitable
(2) The current proposal for rezoning will have an adverse effect on our community:
(a) The equity and values of our property will decrease
(b) The quality of life, and of our schools will decrease
(3) (a) and (b) combined will create a spiral effect that once in motion may lead to our community losing their appeal to future buyers looking for a safe community with good schools, etc..

I am a reasonable individual. I was not born with a silver spoon. I came to the US 25 years ago as a young(er) engineer looking for job opportunities.
I went from being a visitor to a law obeying US citizen, appreciative of the opportunities that this great country has given to me.

I relocated to Deer Ridge as this community has the appeal, the good schools, the right price/value ratio, and the safety that I have been looking for in a long time. I am planning to grow older and raise my kids in here.

I totally understand why businesses shrink, get leaner, more flexible to quickly react to changing market conditions.

And I want the golf course here to thrive!

However, I believe that their current proposal goes beyond rescuing their business. It creates a huge revenue opportunity for them and a loss for us homeowners that paid a premium to live here. Specifically, who’s going to compensate us for the loss of value which will obviously follow if this rezoning plan move forward? Other proposals should be considered, such as for example, creating a community center with a pool and HOA fees (which I would support) in Deer Ridge. Or even low density housing — can you imagine having new single family construction in Deer Ridge and Shadows Lake? Our community is well known for the great schools and buyers would flock here.
Under the current proposals two villages would be built in the middle of a low density housing community bringing traffic congestion.

Can you imagine the consequences to our property values? Having a three story building here?

I am hoping the Mayor and the City Council will not rush in making a decision that will affect negatively our community for a long time.

Respectfully, (Name withheld by request)
Deer Ridge Resident @ Myrtle Beach Drive in Brentwood