Is the rezone opposition trying to silence rezone supporters?


NextDoor removed a posting exposing SunCoast’s purchase of a Shadow Lakes property.  The no rezone group did not have this posting removed.  It was informational and relevant to the community and all comments and opinions were important to the discussion.

The no rezone has been accused of removing the post after receiving a couple comments supporting the rezone.  

The Post

On February 14th, a post was created on NextDoor related to SunCoast’s purchase of a Shadow Lakes home.  This post received 80+ replies over two days.

The original post text:

Hi all. I was the individual who spoke at the council meeting last night. I did find something very interesting and telling.

It turns out after I did a records search I found that Sun Coast bought a house in Shadow Lakes from one of the most vocal opponents to the re zone. Here is the documents I received from the County. Clearly in Sun Coasts name. Coincidence??? They actually bought his home and now one of the biggest thorns in their side is gone.

This is about money and is very serious. This has me more worried. If they are willing and able to buy homes then why can’t they keep up the maintenance? Why have they been so delinquent on paying taxes?

They keep saying how they are in need of money yet they paid over a quarter of a million dollars for the EIR report and now another three quarters of a million to most likely silence someone who opposed this re zone strongly.

Over a million dollars…let that sink in.

A company who is broke supposedly.

The Removal

On February 16th, the owner of that thread received the below message from NextDoor.

Subject: Your Recent Content on Nextdoor
FEB 16, 2018 | 02:43PM PST
Ryan wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I’m reaching out because several of your neighbors have reported your posts about Suncoast that have led to a heated discussion in your neighborhood.

At Nextdoor, we definitely encourage members to discuss issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil and builds community. That said, we ask that members not use Nextdoor to air their personal views on issues that are known to be highly controversial.

Because this issue is causing frustration among your neighbors, we ask that you refrain from further posting about this topic in the main newsfeed.  If you feel there is sufficient interest in this issue, please create a Group dedicated to conversations about this topic. We’ve found that this can be a great way to foster deep and constructive discussion, while still keeping the main newsfeed a positive and productive space for topics of general interest.

Please note, all messages in a Group must adhere to the Community Guidelines.

Let me know if you have any questions.



The Comments

We would like to recreate the entire thread here but due to NextDoor privacy policies, we are unable to do so.