Olga Vidriales | City Council Candidate

1) What is your name?
Olga Vidriales

2) A council member needs support from a majority of the council to pass resolutions and ordinances. How do you see yourself working with other council members and City staff?
I am very familiar with both the current City Council members and all the candidates – I see myself working well with all. At the Candidate Orientation sponsored by the City of Brentwood we had the opportunity to meet City of Brentwood Directors and department heads -that went very well and I foresee a good working relationship with all staff. My previous positions including President of the Rotary Club of Brentwood, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Secretary for Brentwood Neighborhood Committee as well as my years in bank branch management have afforded me excellent negotiating skills. The ability to work well with others to accomplish a common goal is crucial and I am confident of my abilities in this area.

3) How do you prepare for meetings regarding controversial topics?
The same way I will deal with all topics. Fully educating myself regarding the topic at hand.- education & communication is key. Listening to the concerns of our citizens is of the most importance to me. A City Council member is presented with information and facts on which to base her/his decision- however, I believe it is important to understand and listen to the concerns of all, to the pros and cons on every issue.

4) How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in Brentwood?
A City Council person is presented with information and facts on which to base their decision- I believe it is important to understand and listen to the concerns of all. A city council member needs to have his/her finger on the pulse of the community which can be accomplished through active participation and involvement in the community- something I’ve always taken part in.

5) Did you provide input during the PA-1 process? How do you feel about the potential inclusion of eBart in the project?
No, I did not. I do not have enough information or facts to discuss. I understand the importance of PA-1 and understood the benefits as presented by our City Manager at the City Council meeting. eBart, I believe, is decades out so I’m unsure how to plan around a project that may or may not occur and/or is decades out.

6) Do you believe the Urban Growth Boundaries in Brentwood should be expanded?
I believe we need to protect Brentwood: the quality of life our city offers and our agricultural heritage. I believe smart growth is necessary to protect both our quality of life and our agricultural heritage. I also believe we need to protect our boundaries from our sister cities!

7) The current city council recently denied a project for a Goodwill facility. Do you agree with that decision and why?
Yes. I believe that particular project did not specifically meet the zoning requirements for that location. I believe there is a more appropriate project for that location that will enhance that area/neighborhood.

8) The City staff recently recommended denial of a project to develop part of Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge golf courses. Do you agree with that recommendation and why?
Yes. The project required rezoning for the area- I believe the current zoning is most appropriate. I believe the rezoning- the additions of the multi-story residential housing is not suited for the neighborhoods for several reasons including the added traffic congestion to the area.

9) ECCFPD is having troubles with response times and stations closing, potentially endangering the lives of Brentwood citizens needing emergency fire and medical assistance. Given that ECCFPD is a regional agency, what steps can the City of Brentwood take to resolve this situation, and what steps would you take as a member of the City Council?
We must better educate our Brentwood citizens so that they fully understand our city is severely under protected. Increased funding for our emergency services can be accomplished by reallocating existing funds and creating new revenue streams.

10) Do you have ideas for local improvements that you think have not been discussed or considered publicly?
I share the concerns of most in Brentwood- bringing hi paying jobs to Brentwood, public safety for our citizens, police and firefighters, improved roads & commutes.

11) Do you believe our city has firm financial footing? If so, what would you do to maintain that? If not, what would you do to improve the situation?
Yes as we have 30% funds in reserve. Maintaining our firm financial footing can be accomplished by holding our city planners accountable to this standard and prudent spending.

12) What do you love about living in Brentwood?
I love the quality of life in Brentwood. My husband Vince and I moved here from the Bay Area in 2003 and are proud to be original owners in Shadow Lakes. What a culture shock from our previous city – in Brentwood we found ourselves taking long walks in our neighborhood and meeting all our neighbors. I watch families with their children playing in our park across the street on hot summer nights! I love driving the streets of Brentwood and enjoying the clean, beautiful landscaping including the immaculate streets of Fairview AV, O’Hara AV, Shadow Lakes, Deer Ridge as well as our beautiful City Park and quaint Downtown Brentwood. I often boast about our 90+ beautiful parks to those in other cities. I enjoy the “Hometown Feel” of Brentwood and all the various events such as Starry Night Concerts in the Park, Hometown Halloween, Christmas Parade, Art Wine & Jazz Festival. Where else can you drive 10 minutes to enjoy a great concert with family and friends on a warm summer night in a wonderful park setting. Or sip hot chocolate while watching local school talent perform at our annual Christmas Tree Lighting event in City Park! I love taking my 2-year-old great-nephew Quinten and fury daughter Cha Cha on beautiful and safe walks in Shadow Lakes in the morning to a well-maintained park. I love, love, love the quality of life in Brentwood #BetterinBrentwood #Passion4Brentwood