Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge Development Plan

Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge Community Improvement Development Plan

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We are residents in Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes and we need your help in opposing a rezone application that would allow large apartment complexes to be constructed in our established communities.

Our mission is to help all residents and homeowners in Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes, and all concerned citizens of Brentwood, come to an informed decision about the proposed rezoning.

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The owners of the Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes golf courses have released FAQs about their application.  We would to address their responses here.

What exactly is being proposed?

From the course owners:
"For the senior homes, we are proposing to rezone 8.8% of the existing golf course land... The project as submitted allows for a maximum of 560 units, 310 at Shadow Lakes and 250 at Deer Ridge."

Our response:
Westmont and Cortona are two established senior apartment homes directly next to our communities.  What the applicant has proposed is 2 times the size of both of those facilities combined and would be the largest residential development in Brentwood.

How can we be sure that the senior homes won’t be flipped into some other type of development, like low-income apartments?

From the course owners:
"Both the zoning and Conditional Use Permit enforced by the city will prevent any change in the senior home use without going through the entire development approval process from the very beginning..."

Our response:
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Won’t this plan just open the floodgates to even more development?

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